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قديم August 11, 2010, 10:52 AM
its threats and offensive also stronger.

This month's cover article in the computer world \. 4-year financing amounted to 1.2 billion Jingdong, like a huge gluttonous appetite manipulation was surprisingly good, body mass amazing, its threats and offensive also stronger. 12 years of rapid growth of the sophist, like an invisible vortex, wrapped in temptation, hidden undercurrents, to suppliers, investors and even customers are difficult to escape. It allows partners to fear and alienation, its opponents fear anger. Jingdong Guaixiang people love to hate in micro-Bo on the search for \CEO, Qiang Dong, another called \ genuine Qiang East has 7654 fans, micro-Bo number is 0. May 3 months ago, Liu Qiang East is still very active micro-Bo. Bo said he was a sophist in the micro-approach to the SNS message, and left-mail to recruit qualified personnel; he adopted a \the \ Obviously, Liu Qiang East deleted all of the micro-Bo, for unknown reasons. 's online search for \Jingdong Mall threatened to give up not down crazy Paizhuan client users, \In the major forums, users are also emerging on the sophist's denunciation, the former ****, \ Jingdong seems trapped in a vicious circle, in condemning in Jingdong talks about running faster, more people curse, Jingdong user traffic and higher sales. under Jingdong filing shows at the end of 2009, Jingdong Mall of registered users who evolved from the original 36 to 800 million; sales grow rapidly from 10 million yuan to 40 yuan,avcware, the average compound growth rate of more than 300%. The year 8848 that have not heard, never having had Dangdang and Joyo's Liu Qiang East, by virtue of their \giant fields. in the just-concluded 12th anniversary of Jingdong Dianqing activities, only the day on June 18, Jingdong Mall in within 13 hours received 150,000 orders and sales of 30 million items, created more than 100 million yuan daily sales, average sales of more than 2000 yuan per second. Compared to last year, these figures are more than 200% growth. it all looks, Liu Qiang East proposed 2010 annual sales of 100 billion target seems within reach. However, the anomaly is that in this huge growth in sales and under, Jingdong was not a profitable enterprise. Although the \The maximum will not exceed 7 %。\Today, 10 million U.S. dollars of capital from the financing; by the end of 2008, today the capital, male cattle capital and well-known investment banker in Asia for private companies to Jingdong Mall joint injection 21 million U.S. dollars; early 2010, the global financial crisis, the fog has not yet dissipation, Jingdong Mall has access to leading investment fund Tiger Global total amount of more than 150 million U.S. dollars in the third round of financing of the financial crisis that occurred in China since the largest Internet market financing. \bit to the trade. All along, the e-commerce have been called \Why not make money Jingdong is still sought after by investors? \\declined the interview; even Huaqi, Haier, Dell and other partners Jingdong Mall, also head of each channel is no time, not convenient to talk about other reasons remain silent. This is how it? \itself is also a 'self-mutilation'。\with banners,ipod transfer, demanded an agent from this brand channel system kicked out. The agents say is a sophist. \but always with a smile. He said that even people over the Internet made threats to his personal safety to the post, because that is a serious impact on low-cost Jingdong their profits. Liu Qiang East if not exaggerated. 2008 year, a BenQ MP512 projector market price is 3999 yuan, in the traditional channel sales limit of not less than 3,600 yuan, and Jingdong played a launch on the price of 3099 yuan, followed by even down to 2,873 yuan. This price has attracted hordes of consumers, more laid a sophist in the minds of consumers the \ \To laptop computers, for example, its price generally lower than the market price of 500 to 1000 yuan, or even cheaper in some special models more than 2000 yuan. Jingdong ranked first in sales of notebook computers Lenovo G460AL-PSI 14-inch notebooks, the market offer 4,599 yuan, Jingdong offer a full 400 yuan lower. Ranks in June sales of Canon EOS 500D SLR first set of machine cost just 4599 yuan, up 1,500 yuan lower than the market price. contrary to the conventional low-cost, low margin, the force on the road to ruin many peers. No matter how the industry can be questioned, Jingdong always lower than the market price quotations. Jingdong \ this from personal experience Talking about Liu Qiang East. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China's Liu Qiang East, not as an arts professional, he spent all their spare time programming, and through the development process uncovered a pot of gold. In 1998, he gave up excellent working for foreign companies to own Zhongguancun business, sales agent magneto-optical products, which makes consumer electronics products, he was well aware of profit margins. 2001, the help Qiang East for the first bucket of gold recorder market bottleneck, Jingdong undergoing a restructuring. Liu Qiang East was placed in front of only two: do distribution, or to do retail. in such circumstances, Liu Qiang East fascinated by the \At that time,mod video converter, Gome chain model is different from the traditional white goods \Inspired by the States United States, Liu Qiang East finds, IT product chain is the way forward. \Cost and efficiency are the most important factor in the retail business. He believes that as long as the higher efficiency, lower the costs, new business models will subvert the old model department store gross margin to be maintained at 50%, while only 15% of Wal-Mart can make money. So in 2004, Jingdong need online store and online sales next to a choice between, Liu Qiang East did not hesitate to give up the profits at that time the main body of the line model. \median, and, Jingdong 12 days of inventory of 60 days only country the United States working on the 1 / 5. \Liu Qiang East believes that the pursuit of Maori on the sophist is meaningless, the scale is the first. as a sophist is not dependent on the core technology-dependent business, the loyalty of Internet users are low and there is a price point lower than Jingdong of B2C businesses, the advantages of Jingdong lost. Therefore, in the endless pursuit of the scale, the Jingdong willing 赔本赚吆喝. In addition, in the \ \exclude Jingdong ostentatious, a promotion might lose money, but more often, manufacturers will have a direct sales force, \licensed, with the renovation of goods sold, is an open secret. \ Previous12Next> Related: Japan sales break million Jingdong Jingdong Mall Mall experience performance knife gate storm Jingdong Mall next to the staff to distribute IPO to be listed overseas
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